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Dr. Oluwatomilayo Bewaji Edokpa


Neo Medical

About Dr. Bewaji Epokpa

Dr. Oluwatomilayo Bewaji Edokpa is a highly experienced paediatrician with a passion for providing comprehensive medical care for children and adolescents. Having trained at the University of the West Indies, she holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree and a Doctor of Medicine in Paediatrics (DM).

With over a decade of experience in the medical field, Dr. Edokpa has developed a deep interest in several areas of paediatrics. She specializes in cardiology, developmental paediatrics, paediatric dermatology, breastfeeding, sleep training, and picky eating. Her services range from prenatal visits to delivery attendance, breastfeeding support, well-child visits, sick child visits, childhood asthma management, developmental screenings, immunizations for families, teen health visits, specialist referrals, sports physicals, school medicals, minor wound treatments, and vision screening.


Dr. Edokpa provides support to mothers for pre-delivery counseling, children, and adolescents from birth to teenage years, as well as parents. Her holistic approach to patient care stems from her understanding that children's medical issues do not exist in isolation, and she strives to support and improve the general well-being of the entire family.


Known for her compassionate and understanding nature, Dr. Edokpa emphasizes creating a comfortable and open relationship with her patients and their families to ensure that they receive the best possible care. She is a parent herself, and her personal experience has helped her develop a deep understanding of the challenges faced by parents and children.


Through her comprehensive medical care services, Dr. Oluwatomilayo Bewaji Edokpa aims to help children and their families thrive.

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