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Connected Care for Your Convenience

Neo Health aims to create a modern healthcare ecosystem, where your primary health needs are all interconnected, driven by digital technology and supported by a community of healthcare experts.

Shops 19-20

76 RHR Business Centre

76 Red Hills Road, Kgn 19


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri, 9AM - 5PM

Saturday, 9AM - 5PM


876-671-8451 876-289-5143

Shop 18

76 RHR Business Centre

76 Red Hills Road, Kgn 19


Opening Hours

Mon-Sat, 9AM - 6PM


876-671-8457 | 876-289-5134

Shop 17

76 RHR Business Centre

76 Red Hills Road, Kgn 19


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri, 10AM - 5PM

Saturday, 10AM - 2PM


Fully integrated services across all spaces

Neo means new - we are here to bring you a new style of healthcare that's easy, supportive and convenient. We pride ourselves in creating a unified experience that guides and delivers high-quality care at every step of your health & wellness journey.


We are not your ordinary doctor’s office. We are a modern office driven by the latest medical technology to make each step in our patients’ health journeys accessible and convenient.

We offer:

  • Family Medicine and Specialist Care

  • Laboratory services

  • Ultrasound services

  • Echocardiogram & ECG services

  • Surgical Centre

neo pharmacy white_edited.png

Our pharmacy is dedicated to providing convenient, efficient, and modern services. We've got a centralized location in Kingston, Jamaica that makes it easy for you to get the medicine you need when you need it. As we like to say: "no more waiting!"


We understand that sometimes you just want to get in and get out with your prescription—no questions asked. So come on in! We're happy to help.

We also offer over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements and mor

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We don't just want to sell you eyecare, we want to help you see your world in a whole new way!

We're committed to delivering exceptional customer service through our connected experience, which combines technology-driven products with an ophthalmologist-led team of opticians who are experts in their field.


We offer:

  • Eye Examinations

  • Quality and Stylish Frames

  • Prescription Lenses

  • Contact Lens Fitting

  • and more...

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